Thursday, February 17, 2011


Well, I finished my Whole 30 challenge. It wasn't too bad. The main thing I learned is that dairy is my downfall! I eat far too much dairy. So now that I'm back on a "normal" primal diet, I'm going to make sure I eat way less of it.

So total- I lost 10.5 pounds. That's a lot of weight loss for 30 days!
I also went down at least a pant size- maybe two. I haven't been shopping yet- so I'm not sure.

As a reminder- here is a picture of me from last March (the week before I went primal and 65 pounds heavier).

Now here is a picture of me from right before my "Whole 30" challenge.


Here I am in the exact same clothes after my "Whole 30" challenge. Now I have to wear a belt!


  1. You look great -- gorgeous smile... and look at that tiny YOU. Anyone who's not sure if primal/paleo/Whole30 eating is for them should take a look at how GLOWING you are with good health. Congratulations!

  2. your results are ASTOUNDING!!!! congrats!!!

  3. Congratulations! You look great! I also love the background of your pic - bookshelves and kid toys, just like my house!

  4. You've dont great. Thanks for the inspiration. Now I just have to learn what the Whole 30 is!

  5. Found your blog through Mark's Daily Apple forum because I am would like to start Whole 30 next month. I have to say you are totally inspiring! I am looking forward to checking out the rest of your blog!