Tuesday, January 18, 2011

the Whole 30

I'm about midway through my January 30 day challenge, and I've been *mostly* good. I've had a considerable amount of cheats, though, and I need to bust through that. So the January 1st challenge is out. Today I start the Jan 18 "Whole 30". I'm really excited!

It's a VERY strict "paleo/primal" diet for 30 days- and I've followed most of the rules in previous 30 day challenges- but this will be the first time I'm cutting out all dairy. It will be difficult- but I'm anxious to see how this will affect my health. After the 30 days are up I'll reintroduce healthy dairy in the form of yogurt/butter/cream/etc.

So now I'm taking accountability- I'll be reporting here what I've eaten every day to make sure I don't cheat!


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